What is Beard Oil

As the newest regimen for manly men, beard oil can be described as a conditioner which rejuvenates facial hair, giving it a much healthier life. The ingredients usually vary, but nearly all of the high quality products include a base ingredient; that is, jojoba oil, argan or other high quality carrier oil. Some other added oils can include lavender oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil or/and grapefruit oil. All of the aforementioned ingredients work to sooth and moisturize the skin and the beard, while also softening and protecting your beard. There are also other ingredients included which serve as aromatic scents to make your beard and face smell masculine.

How It Works

Even though many guys have beards nowadays, there are just a few of them who have actually taken the time to understand and learn how to care for their beards properly. This is one of the reasons why most guys are not aware of the many benefits that come with using beard oils. Actually, it is easy for one to forget that the beard is just like other facial hair. And just like your other hair, your beard too needs proper care.

Beard grooming oils hydrate the skin under your beard and help in keeping your beard healthy. They also keep your beard hair looking healthy and prevents it from split ends and breaking. Because of this, your beard grows faster and longer. This allows for your beard hair to become smooth and silky soft so the love of your life will have no reason whatsoever, to nag you about your beard. In addition, your beard will smell nice and also shine with life.

Benefits of Beard Oil

Beard oil acts as a great moisturizer which goes straight to your hair follicles and prevents your hair from getting brittle, especially in the cold and windy environments since such weather conditions make the natural moisture of the area near your beard to wick. Good hydration around the beard area helps in preventing skin dryness, flaking and dandruff. The oil also works as a grooming tool under the skin’s surface, which makes your beard neat, smooth and more manageable.

Beard grooming oil also keeps the facial hair smelling fresh and flake free. Thanks to the moisturizing carrier oils, using just a little amount, will be enough to tame the flyaway facial hairs and will eliminate all flakes.

How To Use Beard Oil

Drip just a little beard oil on your palm, rub your hands together and then work it into the skin surface under your beard. You can rub the rest of your oil through, and over the beard, and then comb your beard. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the oil to fully absorb. If you have a long beard, use a good comb so as to ensure that the oil coats every hair follicle, and moisturizes the skin.

The best time for applying product is immediately after you wash your face. It’s also recommended to put it on first thing in the morning right after taking a shower; this way, the hair pores and follicles are more apt to quickly and easily absorb the the face nutrition. 🙂

How To Choose the Right Beard Oil

Whether your into the DIY beard oil or go shopping online, you will quickly learn that there are lots of products from which to choose from. There are some which are good, while there are others which don’t work as they should. Here are some tips to help you choose the best grooming oil for you;

-All natural ingredients; The best type of grooming oil features all natural ingredients from carrier oils, some of which include; jojoba oil, almond oil, and essential oils. All of the aforementioned ingredients provide great benefits to your facial hair and your skin.

-Right scent; The scent always matters when it comes to choosing the best beard grooming oil for you. When looking for the right product, you should look for the oil that contains a more masculine scent, but is still subtle, and pleasing to the woman in your life. At times, a good looking beard can have a terrible odor. It is just easy for food odors, sweat, and other foul smells to hide under the layers of an otherwise healthy looking beard. A quality beard oil can take care of these nasty odors by masking the unpleasant odors with a masculine and pleasing fragrance.