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This is David.

His is a very powerful pigeon indeed.  

This is @lukeditella.

His is missing epic surf #EastSide to be over here shooting with @americancrew at @milkstudios with yours truly.

This is @pwindrim.

His is @krinklewood.

This is George.

His is actually booked in for next monday after a big weekend with his brother bringing country to the city.

This is Jake.

  His is under wraps until the start of winter.

This is Sam.

His is Billy from the #fingercleaner ad for the #doritos #crashthesuperbowl competition made by#tomnoakes from #photoplay.

This is @oldirtyp.

His is doing well to make it out of work past the #younghenrys brewery in #newtown.

This is @land_ahoy.

His is not missing out on the action.

This is Murad.

His is skewering up the sweetness at#SaharaGrill #AustraliaSquare.

This is @DannyClayton.

His is rather splendid, like a pastoralist.