Monthly Archives: January 2013

This is Stephen.

His is drawing on contemporary culture to make people oddly unsure.

This is Jim.

His is a big fan of the harbour and loves the Cremorne Point Pool.

This is Kian.

His is about to tuck into a rain ready Beach Burrito.

This is Iman.

His is no stranger to a Bengal Tiger.

This is Kane Avalon.

His is not Jewish although he does love hummus and is fostering a young one called Wolf in Hebrew.

This is Steve.

His is over 30 years old and came about because his kids gave him chicken pox.

This is Donny.

His is Stoked.

This is Chris.

His is a well kept birth mark darling.

This is Bram.

His is built on solid foundations.

This is Tom.

His is well catered.