Yearly Archives: 2013

This is Sav.

His is keeping the oak warm at the Boston Brewery.

This is John.

His is Albany bound.

This is Nick.

His is one which just keeps on giving.

This is Jag.

His is cool calm and collected.

This is Matt.

  His is Cape worthy.

This is #HipsterSanta.

  His is still going from an all-nighter on gluten free macaroons and coconut water, riding around the world on his fixie delivering hand made, ethically sourced presents from a never ending hemp duffle bag while humming tunes from a … Continue reading

This is Laura.

Hers is pronounced La-oo-ra.

This is Ray.

His is reuniting.

This is Brody.

His is united.

This is Rob.

His is actually a bit peeved about the resurgence of the chin mane because he’s rocked one since he could grow one and now when he walks into a room the ratio of women who appreciate it is dilutted by … Continue reading